Pressure behind the eye Causes and Relief Tips

The eyes probably are the most important of the senses for most people. In fact, twice as many people fear blindness than premature death. And yet, people still tend to abuse their eyes, causing them to feel pain and pressure behind the eye. Aside from the physical abuse we treat our eyes with, what are several other causes?

Pressure behind the eye could mean a lot of things, but on top of the list is the most serious illness – glaucoma. Glaucoma is a genetic eye illness that is caused by an increase in your eyes’ IOP or intraocular pressure. This increased pressure is due to your body overproducing eye fluid called aqueous humor. This fluid is supposed to maintain this pressure; its overproduction is still a mystery to doctors. Unfortunately, this illness cannot be prevented. But that doesn’t mean the worst case scenario can’t be stopped. As soon as you feel this pressure, consult the ophthalmologist. It would also help if you could check your family background for histories of glaucoma and other related diseases like diabetes.

Next on the list, tied to second place, are allergic rhinitis and sinusitis. People who have allergies and those who easily get sinusitis can attest to the occasional presence of pain and pressure behind the eye. The inflamed sinuses could add pressure to the eyes, that’s why we feel the pain. Anti-histamines and anti-inflammatory medicine could easily cure these cases, thus getting rid of the eye pressure. Sometimes, pressure behind the eye during pregnancy would also be felt by some mothers. This shouldn’t be any cause for alarm because the pressure could be attributed to the hormonal changes in the mommy’s body.

If the pain and pressure caused is solely because of fatigue, stress or strain induced by ourselves, then here are some relief easy-to-do tips:

Sleep – Shut eye means quality time with your eyes. If you like pampering your body, you should pamper your eyes, too. Getting enough sleep is a must, and if you can, small naps during the day won’t hurt as well, specially if your work needs unstrained and relaxed eyes.
Eye drops – There are several eye drops in the market that relieve pressure and pain from sore and tired eyes. If there aren’t any eye drops around, a quick splash of cold water can do the trick as well. Just make sure your hands are clean when you do this, to lessen the risk of infection for the eyes.

Eye Stretching – Who would’ve thought that eyes can be stretched? By raising your eyebrows for about 30 seconds, combined with a little left to right movement, could ease the strain and pressure behind the eyes. Just don’t let other people see you, though. It looks pretty weird to most people.
20-20-20 rule – No, this isn’t related to eye sight. This 20-20-20 rule has been used by artists since forever. It is said to maximize the use of the eyes with very little strain. The rule: every 20 minutes, try looking at something about 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This removes the focus of the eyes from something near to something further away, which actually relaxes the eyes.
Tea bags – If you’re really into pampering your eyes, try to cool used tea bags and place them over your eyes. The tea relaxed the muscles and nerves in the eyes, and can actually help in removing eye bags, too.